The festival is being organised at Nirvana Eco Camp , Bir. The campsite is located at a distance of 1 km from the landing site and a distance of 1.5 km from the private bus stand.

Google Maps link to the venue :

Google Maps link to the venue :


You can take an overnight bus from Delhi/Chandigarh. We would advise taking the private buses since all the buses are new, and the drop point is only 1.5 km from the campsite.
Local buses from other regions of Himachal will drop you at Bir Road Chowk. If you aren’t getting a direct bus to Bir, then try booking a bus to Dharamsala, Palampur or Baijnath since local buses operate from these places throughout the day.


The nearest Airport is in Gaggal, 67 km from Bir. You can take a bus/cab to Bir from there. Since its a small airport, it doesn’t have connectivity from all major airports and the flight costs are a little steep.
Nearest Major Airport is Chandigarh. You can take an overnight bus(7-8 hours journey).


The nearest railway station is in Pathankot(142 km away from Bir). You can take a bus/cab to Bir from there.
Nearest Major Airport is Chandigarh. You can take an overnight bus(7-8 hours journey).

For Taxi, you can contact Mr. Surender at 8894246087. They are local Taxi vendors of Bir.

To be announced soon.

To be announced soon.

Musicathon is a Festival to enjoy music and Mountains. It comes together with the efforts of the locals community, independent musicians and a bunch of people across countries driven by a mutual passion for Music.


Be sure to read and understand the following rules and regulations and follow festival etiquette.


These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Please note that ticket refunds will not be made for such rule changes regardless of how prior notification is made or lack thereof.


  • The festival will not be cancelled due to inclement weather (excluding natural disasters). Please note that ticket refunds will not be made due to artist cancellation.
  • Please be sure to sort all garbage into the appropriate bins. Please also take any leisure sheets, chairs, tents and other belongings with you when departing the festival area.
  • Leaving chairs or sheeting unattended is prohibited in the festival. Unattended items will be deemed abandoned and removed and disposed of immediately. Be sure to carry all of your belongings at all times. Also, use of overly large leisure sheets to occupy large areas is prohibited.
  • Tenting, parasols and other items which may block the view of other festival goers are not permitted within the festival.
    Musicathon, has a strict no-tolerance rule against drugs of any kind. If anyone is found using or peddling drugs, they will be reported to the police.
  • Any dangerous behaviour that may harm other people, such as moshing and diving and throwing things, is prohibited. The festival is not responsible for injuries and accidents due to such acts. Such incidents shall to be solved between the parties involved.
  • Please carry and use foul weather gear during inclement weather.
  • Smoking while walking, smoking in non-smoking areas and in crowds is not permitted. Please always use a portable ashtray when smoking and please use designated cigarette butt ballot bins.
  • People found to have entered the festival illegally will be reported to the police and will be put under the care of local police officials. The person will also be charged for compensation.
  • Please refrain from any behavior that can cause annoyance to local residents.
  • Be sure to acquire transportation and/or lodging yourself before coming to the festival. Please also note that lodging packages are limited.
  • Glass bottles, cans, fireworks, explosives, alcohol and any illegal substances are not allowed into the festival site.
  • The production, the site and the artists are not responsible for accidents and thefts in and out of the festival site.
    Those who cause any disturbances or do not follow instructions of Crew will be ejected from the festival site. Tickets will not be refunded in this case.
  • Agreement to the festival rules and restrictions is needed to purchase tickets. Please be sure to read and confirm all rules and regulations listed on the official website before purchasing tickets. Please note that purchase of festival tickets shall be deemed as agreement to all rules and regulations of the festival.
  • Be respectful of local traditions and local people. Be good. Be kind. Look after one other.

Please be sure to review all cautions and restrictions before purchasing tickets to the festival. Have a safe and fun festival!